GEO : GEMS [Free gift!]


gem-dWEB    gem-aWEB


Have I got a treat for you *wink*.

It’s about time I gifted you, my fabulous reader, with another LornaLove gift.  So I am ///SUPER ||| EXCITED\\\  to present you with this FREE printable designed by moi,  *Cheer!*  You can hang these GEO:GEMS, or place on a shelf, table, desk.  OR, you could string them into a garland.  Go wild my friend!

All I ask is that you use it for personal use only, not commercial.  Feel free to share, but do ensure to credit LornaLove and LINK back to the website.  JOLLY:GOOD.

By the way, my idea was inspired by my hero:ness Kate over at minieco here.

P>S  My baby/kids range of cushions, prints, decals, blankets and lamps are coming VERY SOON!  *squealing with delight*

Here are the pdf’s and the instructions follow.  As usual, I would LOVE to hear your thoughts.  Perhaps you get inspired and design your own ones?   xox

LornaLove GEO:GEM 1

LornaLove GEO:GEM 2

LornaLove Geo – Gem 3

LornaLove Geo – Gem 4

GEO:GEMS  you will need:

  • Geo Gem 1,2,3,4 printed onto light card
  • Craft knife
  • Ruler
  • Cutting board [or something to cut on]
  • Double sided tape
  • String or thread for hanging if desired.

GEO:GEMS instructions:

  • Print the 4 gem pdf’s onto light card.
  • Using a sharp craft knife and ruler, cut the gems out.




p.s These images show previous designs that I ended up changing.

  • Using the ruler and craft knife, ‘score’ the dotted lines.  These are the lines that need to be folded and scoring creates a clean fold.  What the hell is ‘scoring’ you ask?!?  It’s when you press LIGHTLY with the craft knife so that you don’t make a complete cut through the card, but instead leave an indent that will fold nicely.  You can also use a sharp pin to do this.
  • If you are going to hang the geo:gems, cellotape a loop of string or cotton thread onto the inside.  Let the string hang out of the gem at a point where you would like to hang it.


  • Place double sided tape onto all the flaps. I placed the tape on, then trimmed to fit the flap.


  • Bend all the necessary sides. Take the double sided tape off and stick together.  It does get a little tricky when sticking the last parts together.
  • Hang the little gem-licious geo:gems!