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Julia from fabulous and inspiring Studio Home came to chat with me and photograph my home for a feature called, ‘behind closed doors’.   This home, owned by us for only three months, is an artwork that I am continuously working on and changing.  We have a large list of things we want to do to it, but I think I have put a pretty good LornaLove stamp on it already ;o)

I tried to impress Julia as much as I could with homemade cupcakes, goodie bag and some fancy threads on!  She was so down to earth and oozing energy and enthusiasm, that it was me who was impressed.  We talked about ideas and shared information freely…love that….and I realised that I lack conversations with creative minded people.  I really enjoyed the afternoon.

So if you would like to check out the whole article and have a peek around my home, click HERE.

My house is full of art and paintings that are done by myself, but I would also like to acknowledge some of my fav artists whose work features on my walls.   I mostly buy prints as they are an affordable way to have plenty of niffty, rad art in your home.  Check these clever people out…..

\\\\Frost and Dinkie : Ema Frost….


\\\\Jessica Singh…..


\\\\Nicola Rowlands ….

Nicola Rowlands

\\\\Sneaky Studios …..

artprint1   IMG_4042-copy-610x457

\\\\Illustration Bin : Renee chin


\\\\Dear Colleen  ….


NOW THEN……it is the easter weekend tomorrow and I wanted to make you a free easter printable and blog about it.  But…sigh…I never got it done in time sorry!  To make up for my lack of easter inspiration I will have a free printable for you as a gift late next week.  Look out for it xox

In the meantime……

Have a FABULOUS E>A>S>T>E>R  everyone!! Scoff chocolate and more chocolate mmmmmm chocolate.  I shall be delighting in watching my two year old son have his first easter egg hunt : exciting!

pink bunny copy


2 thoughts on “My Home

  1. Love your place no idea how you do it with a toddler, mine keeps me on my toes for sure. Is that an IKEA stool with a painted top? Will steal that idea and go a bright yellow! Happy Easter I’m really enjoying your blog

    • It was some painful control of toddler after I had cleaned and tidied! Normally his toys are every where and finger prints all over everything! I think I got the stool from ‘Mocka’ and yes spray painted the top with blue. It looks cool if you colour just part of the legs also : the trendy ‘dipped’ look.
      \\\THANKS/// and hope you had a yummo easter x

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