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do-epic-chalk-WEB  Kia Ora all!

Chalk board walls.  They aren’t something new and some may say that the trend has been and gone, but I still think they have plenty of charm.  I bet most of you like chalk board walls too, but haven’t been brave enough to actually convert one of your wall spaces into one.  Yes?  No?

After teaching art and design for seven years, I know for a fact that people get ‘scared’ and hesitant to actually put paint brush to surface and get going.  You don’t want to make a mistake….you don’t want to mess it up…..what if it looks stupid?…..

Well, you can’t really go wrong.  And if you make a mistake – fix it.  If you don’t like it – change it and paint over again.  This really is easy and will add a bit of “ooo that’s rad” to your home space.  What I love most about walls with chalk is that you can go WILD writing, scribbling, doodling, and constantly changing it!  The rougher and ‘smudgier’ the better I reckon!

You can buy chalk paint in colours, like blue and pink.  Super fun for kids rooms.  I stuck with black because after the past few years of obsessing over white and brights, I’m presently finding black quite alluring.  As you can see, I painted a wall space behind my bed [hope this isn’t sharing too much with the bedroom pics ha!].  Then I painted a space under our stairs where I have my desk set up.  I will invite guests and friends to draw and write on it too and my toddler son has been given free reign to scribble away on the lower part.

Anyhooooo, give it a go.  DIY instructions below.  Find a tiny or big space in your home and paint a wee chalk wall surprise there!

As usual….I would LOVE to hear your thoughts and see any outcomes.  xox

p.s The fabulous king and queen pillowcases are made by Hayley from The Art Room.  They are available online from Pretty Little Things.

Chalk wall : you will need

  • Chalk board paint  [I like Red Enz brand from Mitre 10]
  • Paintbrush : 2-5cm width
  • Paint roller with tray
  • Painters tape
  • Scissors [for cutting tape]
  • Newspaper or drop sheet [for protecting ground]

Chalk wall : instructions

  • Depending on the condition of your wall surface, you may need to prepare it properly.  I don’t think you need to go to much fuss, but if you would like info on this check it here.  I lightly sanded the bedroom wall surface by hand.
  • Give your wall surface a clean to remove any dirt, dust, grease etc.  Let wall dry completely.  Here is my wall space before painting….


  • Tape up all the edges with the painters tape.  You don’t have to do this and can just use a steady hand.  I did get a bit of leakage under my tape, so be sure to press it down firmly.  I touched up the ‘leakage’ areas with white paint afterwards.


  • Give the paint a good stir and using the paint brush, paint all around the edges.  This is called ‘cutting in’.


  • Pour some paint into your paint roller tray.  Get some paint on your roller and GO FOR IT!  If you want to do this perfectly, again check info here.  Otherwise, don’t be too ‘scared’ and just get the paint on there.  All I will say is don’t overload your roller with too much paint as it will drip as you are working.
  • Let paint dry, then remove the tape.
  • Give it 24 hours before you get busy with the chalk.
  • If you want ideas on what to write or draw with your chalk, visit my pinterest page called ‘rad words‘.

OH!! And I have another tutorial you can check using chalk board paint [click image].  Also, see more inspiration from Pinterest below….


13674fe9f24d015480a65da805d7e4c4  Karson Butler Open House, December 12, 2012  pinterest.com   6ed7ad2a08a62e706265554526326886


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  1. Oh my goodness Lorna, share away – your home is amazing! Love the blackboard walls – under the stairs is so clever! We painted a kitchen wall in our last house in blackboard paint and it was great.. I miss it! Your other examples are awesome as well x

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