WIN WIN with Twitter


Kia Ora all!

I’ve just started a new LornaLove twitter account and need some followers tee hee!  So here is a prize to get the ball rolling…..

You can WIN WIN WIN a LornaLove cushion of your choice! Check them all here.

Here is how to win….

1. Just start following me on Twitter = one entry

2. AND mention @LornaLoveNZ in a tweet = two entries

I’m super fair and will pull a winner by on Sunday.

AND….I have 4 NEW cushions launching next week, so the winner will have plenty of designs/colours to choose from!

THANKS you SUPER awesome readers! Tweet, chirp, chur!  xox




8 thoughts on “WIN WIN with Twitter

  1. I dunno. I think Twitter’s up there! But it’s not for me. I prefer pictures over words. And I think two social media platforms are enough to keep me busy! (Facebook and Instagram)

  2. Thanks Hazel! So many ideas and so little time as far as the brand evolving goes! Righto…..have started a instagram profile too. lornalovenz. I now see why companies are employing ‘social media’ people! xox

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