Love stencil : FREE valentines gift for you x


Kia Ora all!

Valentines Day!  Here is a free stencil for you to go wild with.  You can make artworks to frame, or print smaller to make cards.  A stencil is fairly easy, but you do need a SHARP craft knife and a steady hand.  I saw this idea on one of my fav’s, Skull-a-day and you might also know the famous artwork by Robert Indiana……..


I have of course pimped it, LornaLove styles!

I’m going to frame one I made and give it to my hubby…..awwww.   So have fun experimenting with colours and papers and please show me some pics of your awesome outcomes!  Love to hear from you and happy valentines everyone!! xox

p.s Please use this for personal use only, not commercial.

p.p.s Stencil pdf attached at the end.

p.p.s Forgot! My images will look slightly different to your stencil because I tweaked it for easier use.


Stencil > you will need :

  • stencil printed on card [plus one extra copy]
  • ruler
  • craft knife
  • spray paint in colour/s of your choice
  • cutting mat [or some kind of surface for cutting on]
  • newspaper
  • paper in colour/s of your choice
  • paper mask

Stencil instructions:

  • Print TWO copies of the stencil pdf.  One copy should be on card.


  • Using a SHARP craft knife, and ruler where needed, cut out all of the BLACK parts of the card stencil.
  • Be very careful with your cuts, remembering that you are keeping the WHITE part.


  • Discard the black pieces and keep the white.  Don’t forget to keep the eyes and the nose!
  • Choose a well ventilated area for spraying, preferably outside.  There should be NO BREEZE to disturb your papers.
  • Place sheets of newspaper down as needed.
  • Place your stencil on a piece of paper or card of your choice.
  • Place the eye and nose pieces into position.  Look at your spare copy of stencil to see where to place them exactly.
  • You can use TINY bits of blu-tak to keep the stencil in place, but I find it always leaves marks.


  • Shake can of spray paint well, then spray approximately 15-20 cm away from the stencil.  Spray STRAIGHT down onto it and not on an angle as the spray paint will sneak up under the stencil!
  • Please use a paper mask because spray paint is tooooooxic.
  • Use several colours if you wish and try holding the nozzle down lightly to get small ‘splatters’ if desired.
  • Let dry, then remove the stencil.

Don’t look for perfection as the blurring of edges is part of the stencils allure.  Each attempt will come out different and be original.

HERE IS THE STENCIL PDF : skull stencil