Heart Art



Kia Ora all!

This is a cute idea for a valentines gift, birthday gift, or as art for your home.  It’s fairly easy to make, so if you aren’t creative you can still give this a go and impress your friends ;o)  I have seen the idea on pinterest before and recently saw a valentines card done the same way.  I was trying to think of a present to make for a girls 5th birthday and this sprung to mind.  Quite appropriate to blog about too since it’s nearly valentines day.   I would love to see your results if you give it a go! xox

You will need:

  • A frame
  • Card/paper for backing [I used white]
  • Card for front [I used grey]
  • Various paper or card for the heart insides. [Could even be cuttings from magazines].
  • Craft knife
  • Cutting board [or something similar to cut on]
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Glue stick
  • Eraser


  • Cut your backing card so it fits in behind the frame.
  • Cut your front card so it fits smaller than the frame size [see grey card below].  Place in position and draw a light pencil line around so you can easily place it exactly again later.


  • Now you are going to make a heart template from card.  Draw a heart on some spare card.  Make it a size so that you can fit several rows of the heart on your front card.


  • Cut the heart out using the craft knife.
  • I then folded the heart in half and trimmed so that the two sides were exactly the same.  Unfold again.


  • Decide how many rows across and down you would like, or can fit.  Depending upon your decision, you will now need to use the ruler to measure and pencil in VERY LIGHT lines for your rows.  This is where a good maths mind comes in!  The way I did it, which MIGHT help you, is to start with drawing a centre horizontal line….place template on line with it’s bottom point touching……draw light line around heart template…….draw a straight vertical line going through centre of heart…..move template and place below on vertical line……draw light line around template……measure gap between the two hearts and keep using this measurement when doing the vertical rows……..place template to the right or left of the heart presently on the horizontal line……..draw around template…..measure gap and keep using this gap when doing the horizontal lines.  Eeekk, hope that makes sense!!  GOOD LUCK : you can do it ha!


  • Use the craft knife to cut only the right hand side of all the hearts.
  • Turn card over and draw vertical lines going through the centre of the vertical rows of hearts.  Because of the cut lines on the back you can see where to place the ruler and draw line.
  • Using this line ‘score’ the centre of hearts so they will fold nicely.  *Score = to presh lightly with craft knife so it only leaves a slight cut for folding.  You can use a pin for scoring also*
  • Turn card back over and fold all the hearts out.


  • Place grey card in position on the frame and lightly draw in where the left side of heart is.  Use blu-tak to keep the grey card in place while you do this if necessary.


  • Take grey card away and cut small pieces of your coloured paper/card so that they fit over the left side heart area you have drawn .
  • Use the glue stick to stick your coloured card/paper into place.  I left some spaces blank white.


  • Use the glue stick to cover the back of your front card for sticking down.  It is important to glue right up to the very edges and corners so the card sticks perfectly flat.  Use double sided tape all along the edges if it helps.
  • Place front card into position and rub with your fingers so it sticks evenly and well.
  • Fold the right side of hearts out again so they sit nicely.
  • Erase all pencil lines showing.
  • DA   DAAAAA!!  Now marvel at it’s cute simplicity!