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Kia Ora all!

Where the heck have I been I hear you ask?!  SORRY for the lack of blogging lately!  I was on holiday for four weeks over the festive period and after moving into a new house, I have been focused on making it feel like my happy place. 

Over the new year I sat down and wrote LornaLove goals for 2013 and have decided to start a new section for you regarding ‘low cost home decor’.  It will bring you tips on making and purchasing low cost alternatives for home decor and interiors.  I’ll share my bargain finds, challenges and projects, so hopefully they INSPIRE you!

Plus I have a LARGE and ever growing list of more creative things I want to make and share.  These will include step by step instructions for you to get CREATive yourself.

PLUS, there will of course be more LornaLove products that you can purchase *cheer!*


First up on my ‘low cost home decor’ section is the SUPER EZY PEEZY use of things sticky…..like washi tape, and self adhesive book covering.   Washi tape is so cheap and awesome and SOOOO many uses!  It peels on and off real easy, so it’s not permanent or damaging to your walls.  I purchased some good colours and patterns from Lime Tart.  I am however, still looking for a stockist of Mt Casa Washi Tape as their stuff looks rad!  I only seem to find Japanese stockists…..hard to order online when you can’t read Japanese ha!

NEWSFLASH [update on Feb 19th] : you can purchase washi tape in NZ from Cat Taylor Design.

Mt Casa

So probably best if I just show you some tricks I did with it……

pink-washi-frame  yellow-washi-frame

In the context of my ‘wall of frames’, the simple washi tape frame worked well [see on far right and far left].


[Notice the large array of LornaLove cushions on my sofa ha!]

TIP : The dog image is simply a page I cut out from a book I have.  Love the image and it is wasted in the book that just sits on the shelf, never looked at.  Don’t be PRECIOUS…get cutting up your books!


This is a small touch to above my dresser.  Simply blu-tak the photo onto the wall and add some washi goodness.  As I said above, you can peel it off really easy without damaging your wall, so you can change things up when you get bored of what you have done.  I liked the rough, ripped edges effect, but you can of course cut neat edges if you prefer.

Next up I used ‘self adhesive book cover’.  You know the stuff you covered your school books with?  Yea that stuff!  I found some gold, blue and white rolls at The Warehouse for $1 ! There seems to be plenty in the NZ shops at the moment because of the ‘back to school’ timing.  Cut and stick away in all sorts of places around your home to add pops of colour.  The difference to washi tape is that this product doesn’t peel off your wall as easy.  But on certain surfaces it will come off no problem.

desk DIY

So I cut triangles out of the gold book cover and stuck to the drawer of my computer desk : BOOM!


Then did the same with the blue book cover to my toddler son’s wee table.

washi-tape shelf

The edging on these shelves is both washi tape and book cover.



Chevron washi tape waaa!

Below is a CUUUTE video on Mt Casa Washi tape, it shows you some clever ideas.  ENJOY and let me know of any sticky goodness you put around your home  xx


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  2. Wow! I’ve just discovered your blog! I love Washi tape and try to find some inspiration for using it! I actually saw an online NZ store which sells washi. I think they can even bring you some stuff if you need special requests like this MT Casa tape. May be you can contact them about it? Anyway, they have cute fabric washi which I used to decorate notebooks and other stationery abound my house 🙂

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