Auckland Art and Craft Fair 2012

4 x LornaLove cushions

LornaLove cushion : trillion

Acrylic print : trillion

LornaLove cushion : Ha Ha

LornaLove cushion : Yo

Acrylic art : skull

KIA ORA all!

I have new products *cheering*.  You can now purchase my new cushion designs [trillion, HA HA, Yo] from my NEW online store.

I was also super lucky to get an email from the talented LeeAnn Yare wanting to stock my cushions in her fabulous store, ‘Collected‘, Mt Eden, Auckland.  That reeeeeally made my day!  LeeAnn has put luxurious feather inners in the cushion covers, so if you pop into her store you can walk away with the perfect ammunition to add fresh, edgy radness to your home [and no doubt walk away with many other goodies from her store also].

So last weekend I was lucky enough to feature at the Auckland Art and Craft Fair.   It was a BRILLiant day….loads of happy, friendly punters…..loads of talented vendors….loads of unique, creative products.  Big THANKS to my hubby Harley and rascal son Raphael for helping me on the day [xx].

Lorna at the akld art fair

Eeeeek…picture of myself!  Check out this queue of people….[!!]……..


Because I was so busy selling this year, I didn’t get to have a good look around and have my usual chat to the vendors.  But here are my fav’s this year……check their links out for creative goodness and fix.



Luu.  Now this is one FASCINATING young lady!  I only know this because I read through her website and went ‘wow!’,  [I didn’t get to talk to Luzette Godinez because there was a small queue at her stand!].  I must purchase a piece of her work for my home.

Miss Tiki

Miss Tiki

Miss Tiki     SKULLS!  My fav. I proudly own one of Miss Tiki’s skull plates….and skull jar ;o)  You can purchase her products from the super CUTE : EDGY shop called Ahoy CutieThe store stocks LornaLove also.  Miss Tiki, Leah, is one of those really friendly, interesting, expressive, creative people.  I like her alot……just saying!

Renee chin

Illustration Bin.  Love Renee’s JOYful illustrations.  I own one of her works, but one is not enough really.  I told Renee she needs to hurry up and sort out an online store for her fans….hurry up Renee!



Tofu Tree. Now who wouldn’t want these fellas in your home?.  Tu Meke!  Going on my ‘want’ list.

Must mention other vendors I admire:  Ema Frost from Frost and Dinkie, Plastic Fairy, Borrowed earth, Cheek Pinchy,  Birdinabunnysuit  and Hunter Gatherer.  AND there were PLENTY of other talented people there, so check out the photos from the day if you want to delve deeper.

Jessica and Kylie

Must not forget these two gorgeous ladies…..clever and talented Kylie and Jessica who organise the WHOLE event.  BRILLiant job ladies!  Kylie has a brand called Reignbow and Jessica a brand called Foxes.

So reminder again about my new store, tee hee, treat yourself!  I’ll be back later this week with some Christmas stuffy stuff for you.  JOLLY: HO HO ness  xx

LornaLove lamps


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