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My friend had a gorgeous baby boy, Oliver, and so I decided to make him this mobile.  While designing and making the gift, it was HARD to refrain from doing my usual neon and bright LornaLove colours…..I had to keep reminding myself that the mobile was for a baby boy’s room!  I ended up using a neon orange thread however, but as usual the photos don’t really show the true ‘pop’ of the colours.   You really have to view the real thing to see how fierce the neon orange looks against the grey especially : I was squealing with delight at the colours whilst sewing it.  I am such a colour combo enthusiast/freak, ha!   [p.s my fav colour at the moment is grey and yellow yeow].

So making this mobile was tricky and took me a long time.  I will try my best to give you good DIY instructions, but it is quite fiddly to make.  If you are good at sewing, you will probably find it much easier.

This mobile doesn’t just have to be for a baby’s room, you can make it for a toddler, child, youth or adult space too! [adjust colours to suit].

I’d LOVE to hear your thoughts.  Have you ever made a mobile? Send me some pics! xx

You will need:  [I purchased all of my supplies from Spotlight]

  • Felt fabric in colours of your choice
  • Cotton thread [you will need thread that matches the colour of your felt, as well as a contrast colour thread]
  • Sewing machine [but you could sew by hand if you had too much spare time ]
  • Needle
  • Scissors
  • Polyester fibre filling
  • 1 x 21mm lobster clasp for hanging with.  They look like this:

  • 9 x 6mm split ring.  They look like this:

  • 1 x 16mm ring. They look like this:

  • 8 x 7mm ‘plastic round’s. They look like this:

  • Non-stretch nylon thread.  It looks like this:

  • 1 x Steel ring 150mm.  It looks like this:

Obviously you can use different sizes to what I have used, depending on what is available to you.

Gem mobile :  instructions

  • I drew the gem images in my visual diary first.  I suggest you do this also to get the size and imagery clear in your head.  You can see on my drawings that I have numbered the gem images that I have decided to use from 1-4.

  • Draw the outer shape of your gems on the felt fabric and cut out.  I have eight hanging gems : four designs x two.  So I cut my first gem shape and then another three the EXACT same size and shape.  Then cut my second gem design and another three the exact same size and shape…etc etc.
  • Thread up your sewing machine.  Sew your gem designs onto the pieces of felt.  It is best to lighty draw your design on with chalk and sew following the lines.  I threw caution to the wind and just went for it….cause that’s how I roll ;o)

  • Place two of your felt pieces together, with the good sides facing outward and sew together about 3 mm from the edge.  Use the correct colour thread to match the felt colour at this stage.  LEAVE ONE SIDE NOT SEWN.

  • Stuff your gem with the filling.

  • Knot a 6mm ring to a long piece of nylon.  Push the ring into the gem and stuffing.  Adjust so that the nylon thread, that is now sticking out from gem, is coming out from the centre so it will hang correctly.  Sew up the remaining side, keeping nylon thread in correct position.

  • Drop a ‘plastic round’ onto the nylon so that it sits at the top of the gem.

  • Complete these steps with all eight gems.
  • Knot the nylon thread from each gem onto your steel ring [nylon needs to be knotted several times so that it won’t come loose : unless you went to girl guides/boy scouts and know of some fancy knot!].  Adjust the length of the nylon thread so that the gems hang at various lengths.   Arrange at equal sections along the steel ring.
  • Place the steel ring onto a piece of felt.  Draw around it on the inside of the ring.  Cut the round shape from the felt.
  • Thread your needle and hand stitch the round felt onto the ring.

  • It starts to get very tricky because you have dangling, tangling string and gems everywhere!  I hung my mobile on my clothes drying rack while I worked with it at this next stage.
  • Knot six lengths of nylon string at six points on your ring.  Try to get the six points equally spaced.
  • Draw the six lengths up together in your hand and hold so that the mobile is hanging nicely.  Drop a 16mm ring onto the nylon threads and then drop a 6mm ring onto the threads [you could leave the rings out, but I added them for visual effect].  Tie a knot in the six threads above the rings.  You need to leave a length of nylon thread above the knot for hanging.  Gosh I hope this is making sense : tricky to discribe without showing you!

  • Lastly, knot a clasp at the end of your threads.   You could just use a small ring here instead, depending on what you are hanging the mobile from.

  • Hang your piece of art!




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