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Kia Ora all!

I am having my FIRST MARKET STALL……..super exciting for me!  I will be selling LornaLove products including these lamps, cushions, artworks, women’s tops, toddlers tops, baby blankets, mobiles & more.  The market is the super cool Matakana Indie markets and I will be there on the 16th September.  Come and check out my products….maybe purchase a goodie or three…..and give me some love and high fives!

To all my readers out of Auckland, out of New Zealand and in all corners of the world : do not fret!  I will have my online shop opening soon, so you can purchase from my website if you so desire ;o)

In the meantime, if you fancy having a go at making one of these lamps, here are the instructions.  I adapted this idea from Pinterest. As always, I would LOVE to hear your thoughts and how this DIY task goes for you.  ENJOY xx

DIY Lamp : instructions

You will need:

  • A lamp
  • Masking tape [I used ‘Norton – Painters Green masking tape’ from Bunnings]
  • Scissors
  • Spray Paint [I used ‘White Knight – Fluoro Yellow & Fluoro Pink’ from Bunnings]
  • Newspaper or similar for spray painting on


  • Set up your spray paint area.  I do this outside in an area where drifting spray isn’t going to land on much important in the vicinity.  You will be surprised how much spray paint will drift in the air and land just where you don’t want it to : so be warned!  I place newspaper down in a large area and tape around the edges so the breeze can’t lift it up.
  • TESTING : this part is optional, but recommended.  I had a small piece of white fabric that was similar to the fabric on the lampshade, so I used this to test how the spray paint and tape would perform on it.  I put some strips of tape on the fabric, then spray painted it in my spray paint area [see instructions on spray painting next].  I was happy with the result when I peeled the tape off.  I tried two types of tape, masking and duck tape, and found they both worked well.  I tested two colours, neon pink and blue.

  • Remove the lampshade part of your lamp.  Mine easily unscrewed.  If your lampshade won’t come off, then you will have to use tape and newspaper to cover all parts of the lamp that you don’t want spray paint on.
  • Cut and place strips of masking tape onto your lampshade to make your pattern.  I made an irregular chevron pattern by overlapping my strips of tape and trimming with scissors at the corners that they overlapped to make them pointed and tidy.
  • After you have finished your pattern, cover all of the inside of the lamp with paper and stick down at edges with tape.  This is to ensure no spray paint gets on the inside of the lampshade.
  • Double check that all parts you DON”T want coloured are covered with tape and/or paper.
  • Place lampshade in your spray paint area.  Follow the directions of use on your spray paint can, which should go something like this……
  • Shake can well.  Spray into the air until the colour comes out smoothly.  Spray holding can as upright as possible and approximately 15cm away from the lampshade.  Keep the spray moving side to side or up and down so that you are getting even strokes of light paint and not ‘blobs’ or uneven patches.  It is best to do two coats of light colour to get it even.  I actually held the lampshade in my hand and rotated it as I sprayed it.  Then I placed it on the newspaper and sprayed the top edge.

  • Let the lampshade dry.  I gave it 15 minutes.
  • Remove the masking tape and go, ‘ooooo ahhhhh’ at your results!
  • Place lampshade back onto the lamp base.


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    • Oh glad to get that feedback Cindy as I was thinking about colouring the base part too….but I think you are right that they look better with white bases and the pop of colour on shade only.

  1. Hi Lorna. I am thinking i might give this a go for my wee mans nursery….. may i ask where you got your lamps from? thanks Rochelle 🙂

    • I get mine from a distributor company. However, I have seen them at Mitre 10 [or perhaps it was Bunnings] in white or black. Brand is Austrabeam and the model is ‘Laura’.
      Hope this helps :o)

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