Exhibition : LornaLove artwork

Kia Ora all!

I have some artworks showing at a gallery called, Estuary Art Centre from the 5th – 29th July.   It was the usual ‘pleasure : pain’ process when making the artworks.  I really enjoyed working for hours late at night, lost in a CREATIVE ZONE.   Pains me when I’m not happy with the results and re-work and re-work things!  It’s all fun and games.  Feeling secure that other people will appreciate my work is hard for me.  Even if I LOVE something I have made, there are always doubts that viewers won’t appreciate it.  I’m sure many artists feel this way?!  One thing I am sure of is that these artworks are pure LornaLove style,  love it or leave it………..

LornaLove : glowing : card/plywood/LED light 

This artwork has a flashing LED light inside the heart, so it looks like it is:  P.U.L.S.I.N.G.

I have decided to keep it as a piece of LornaLove history to hang in the offices of my future empire, yeow!

LornaLove : wool & screws : wool/screws/plywood/felt : $150

LornaLove : geo-mazing : card/plywood : $150

For the opening night I baked a large LornaLove cake to match the artwork.  It sure put big smiles on visitors faces as I sliced it up and handed it out!  Check out the recipe and more pics here on my previous post.

My work was showing alongside five super talented artists.  I once had the pleasure of working with these fabulous people : good times.  Here is a peek at their work…….

Karl Pearce : Lord of the Sabbath : Oil on canvas (my fav work of the exhibition)

John Lee : Optimus : acrylic on mdf

Graeme Irving : Trophy kingfish : pencil, acrylic

Graeme Irving : Trophy rainbow trout : gesso, acrylic

Irene Robertson : red antique car : colour digital print

Suzy Carnachan : Holiday diptych : acrylic on card and plywood
If you are interested in any information regarding the artists, the artworks, or to purchase, please email me at : lornalovelornalove@gmail.com
THANKS : Graeme Irving for inviting me to take part : Mike Hollis for helping me with my frames : Harley for supporting me in my endeavours