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Kia Ora all!

So I have been sewing waaaaaa! I’m excited about this one because I am not handy with the sewing machine at all and know only how to sew in straight lines, he he.  However, it’s amazing what you can sew with just straight lines!  And, if I want to learn new sewing techniques… my next challenge of sewing a zip….I just check it out with my friend Youtube ;o)

I purchased cushion covers for my first attempt at cushion designs, but I do plan to buy some nice fabric and sew my own, with a zip.  I have loads of cushion designs drawn in my visual diary, so I plan to make a few to sell (available soon on the website with some other LornaLove goodies).

I used felt, purchased from Spotlight, cut it up and sewed the shapes using colour contrasting thread.  I purposely sewed in crooked lines for visual effect and to make it seem like a ‘drawing’.

The sewing machine was nasty to me quite a few times and did weird things…..?!?  (much like a computer I guess).   This included the lever for lifting the ‘foot’ up FALLING OFF and I had to manually lift it with my thumbs all the time.  Not an easy task and my poor thumbs are in bad shape from it!!  So the naughty machine will be off to get fixed this week.

The first cushion I made was a couple of months ago and all I did was sew strips of ribbon on.  The design was to match an artwork I did, which hangs above our bed.  My wonderful mother in law, Sandra, helped me to make the cushion.  Thanks Sandra! x

So here is how I made the cushions…..

I would LOVE to know your thoughts and hear about any cushions you are inspired to make xx

You will need:

  • Sewing machine (although I am sure you could stitch by hand if you had to)
  • A cushion with a cover you can take off
  • Felt
  • Scissors
  • Pins
  • Tracing paper or paper (if you desire)
  • Pen/pencil/sewers chalk
  • Ruler (if you desire)


  • Firstly I drew my cushion design on a piece  of tracing paper and used this as a ‘pattern’.  The second cushion I drew the design on some paper and used that to roughly get the measurements of my shapes from.  Make sure your design fits the size of your cushion obviously.

  • Cut the design out of felt using sharp scissors.  I used scissors that had sharp pointy tips (see image below of silver scissors).
  • Pin your felt shapes onto your cushion, making sure to pin onto one side only.

Excuse bad lighting of photos : they were taken LATE at night.  This is when I get most of my projects done, as I’m busy being a super mum and wife during the day ;o)  High five to all you super mums and dads reading this!

  • If you are wise, then you would unpick your cushion first,  sew your shapes on and then sew your cushion back up.  I went to do this but realised my cushions were over-locked together, so I just left it and was careful not to sew both sides of the cushion together.  This is tricky and not ideal!
  • Sew your felt shapes on.  I used a colour contrastly thread for effect.  I sewed several lines up and down (some straight, some crooked), to get my ‘drawing’ effect.  This also secures the felt on nicely.
  • Remove all pins, trim all bits of loose thread…..and WA WA WEE WA : CUSHION!

Boo… still reading huh? Sorry to disappoint you, but the blog post is finished :o(

Go make some cushions!


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  1. Where did you get your plain cushions from?? I have been looking for some for ages. I like the torquoise colour.

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