Card mobile : LornaLove styles

Kia Ora all!

So remember my ‘LornaLove’d up shelves’?…

…..well I saw a lovely mobile on Pinterest here and got the idea to use up the extra card I had left over from the shelves.

This mobile is easy to make and you can change it up with different coloured and patterned card to suit your style and interiors.

I love the way this mobile constantly moves and draws my eye to stare at it…..quite relaxing and mesmerizing to watch.  The sun reflects rad patterns off the silver card too.

Whilst making the mobile, I lay the pattern out on some plywood and thought it looked blimmin awesome! What do you think?  Now I must do some more and make into an art work for the wall! (and maybe another giveaway ;o)

So my friends, here is how to make one.  I’d love, LOVE to see some pics of any you make xx

You will need:

  • Card of different colours and patterns (I got mine from Spotlight).
  • Sewing machine (or you can sew by hand with needle and thread).
  • Craft knife (or scissors)
  • Ruler
  • Glue stick
  • Pencil

Method :

  • Cut your card into strips measuring 30mm x 230mm.  If your card is A4 size, then just use that width, which is 210mm I think? Cut as many strips as you want the mobile to be long.  You will need to glue two strips back to back however, so for a mobile that is 10 strips of card down, you will need 20 strips.

Seen in this photo is a cutting board. If you don’t have one, then you can cut on a chopping board or old cardboard (as I used to do!)…..but this does blunt your blade quickly.

  • Using the craft glue, stick two strips of card together.  Make sure you get glue right along all the edges.  Crikey it used to frustrate me when I was teaching and students wouldn’t glue things properly!
  • Measure the middle 15mm point on each end of strips and the centre line of length at 115mm.  Using these points, cut your ‘diamond’ type shape.
  • I had actually cut a few spare strips, so I cut these up further and glued them onto the diamond strips…..see on this detail picture……

  • Lay your strips of card out and arrange them in the order you would like it to hang.  Turn the strips over and check the other side looks just as good.
  • Set your sewing machine up with the thread colour you prefer.  I went for black cotton.  You can of course hand sew.
  • Practise sewing on a scrap piece of card.

BIG THANK YOU to my mother in law, Sandra Anderson, who gifted me her sewing machine ;o) Tu meke

  • Sew your strips together.  Leave a good length of cotton at the start for hanging.  Feed one strip straight after another and try to get them just touching as you sew and not leave a gap.

Notice that stunning dazzler diamond that my hubby and best friend Harley gave me, he he ;o) Love you husband!x

  • I added a piece of ribbon to the top to give a longer hanging length.
  • That’s it…..hang your masterpiece and let the movement mesmerize you ;o)