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I’m super excited about this post because it is my first GIVEAWAY!  Oooo oo I can’t wait to package up one of these choice animal boxes and post off to one of my much appreciated ‘followers’.  Feels awesome to give things you have hand-made and I think it feels even ‘awesome-er’ to receive hand-made gifts ;o)

These are super easy to make and can be used in kids rooms (great gift idea) or cool enough for adults to store things in too.

Please note : these are NOT TOYS.  The animals are super glued on, but could come off if little fingers gave them a good tug.   Children should not put this in their mouths.

You could WIN your choice of either the blue or the white animal box.

HOW TO WIN: To enter the giveaway you will need to ‘like’ my LornaLove facebook page here, (or on the right of my blog page).  To double your chances, ‘share’ my Animal Box facebook post on your facebook timeline.   I am more than happy to post internationally, so international readers : enter!.  If you are already following me on facebook, then you are automatically in for the giveaway (but you can still double your chances by ‘sharing’ the post).

The small print : Giveaway ends midnight on Wednesday 27 June and I will be using random.org to fairly draw a winner.  If you have ‘shared’ the facebook post, then your name will be entered twice in the draw.

So, here is how you can make your very own animal box/jar.  I would LOVE to know how you go if you make one, or something similar. xx

You will need:

Box or jar : I got mine from Spotlight, but you could even use an old shoe box.

Plastic animals : I got mine from the store at the Auckland Zoo.

Spraypaint : colour of your choice.

Glue : super glue or a strong craft glue. I used ‘Grant Studios craft super glue’ from Spotlight.

Newspaper : for spraypainting on.

Spray Gloss : if desired.  I used Dulux Spraypak clear gloss from Bunnings.

Method :

  • Set up a spray paint area outside.  Lay plenty of newspaper down in a big area.  It is amazing how much spray will drift and land just where you don’t want it to, so wear old clothes and don’t spray near anything you don’t want it to land on!  I often tape the newspaper down so the outside breeze doesn’t lift it up.
  • Lay or stand the plastic animals on the newspaper, along with the lid of your box/jar.
  • Follow instructions on the spraypaint can for use.  You should shake can thoroughly and then give a light spray about 15cm away from the objects.  It is best to give a light spray, let it dry, and then do another coat.

  • Spray at least two coats, letting dry inbetween, to get a good colour coverage.
  • Superglue your animals onto your box/jar lid.  Let dry.

  • Give one last spray and touch up any areas you may have messed up when glueing.
  • I found that my animals were still slightly ‘sticky’ after 24hours of drying, so I sprayed a clear gloss over them to seal them.
  • Remember : these are not toys.  Children should not put this in their mouths and the animals could come off if they are pulled at.

And don’t forget……you could WIN one!


12 thoughts on “LornaLove Animal Box

  1. What a brilliant idea Lorna – my young nephew was fascinated by his sisters jewellery box she got as a present recently – so I could make him one of these as his own ‘Boys’ treasure box 🙂

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  3. Great idea! I have a little collection of vinyl toys that could one day be up-cycled to mason jar status. A toy soldier would look great for a jar of bandages and other first aid items.

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