LornaLoved up shelf

My home interior is beautifully white, white, white, which lends itself to vibrant POPS of colour with home decor accessories.

So here is a SIMPLE way to add your own touch to your interiors.  So simple in fact that I thought, ‘people aren’t going to want to know about this?!’…….but dam I think it is so ‘simply smart’ that I just have to share this trick with you ;o)

I purchased this shelf from Ezibuy for a bargain $30 on sale!  Instantly I had an idea for it.  I purchased some coloured card from Spotlight and cut it to fit the inside walls of the shelf.  I used double sided tape to adhere the cardboard to the shelf.  Make sure you cover all the edges of the card with tape so that you get a clean, unwrinkled finish when you stick it.

Crikey, that’s it!  I’d love, LOVE to hear if this inspires you to do something similar.  Pleeeeease post some pics of your outcomes xx

The shelf in it’s ‘un-LornaLoved’ state!

The coloured card cut to size.


12 thoughts on “LornaLoved up shelf

  1. That is very cool…..might do something like that for the baby room as you can never have too much storage!

  2. I just love them!!! So brought two for the kids rooms and now just need help to choose the paper colours and then decide portrait or landscape… then how to put them on the wall!?! …

    • Hey Fallon! I purchased the frame from a store on K’Rd in Auckland, NZ. It is wooden and was actually a mirror and I had that taken out. I am always on the hunt for great frames at reasonable prices. I will often buy old frames and re-paint them. x

  3. I pimped my sons shelves with sticky plastic that we had left over from covering his school books worked really well looks great. Then I got a roll of blackboard decal from trade me and covered the top and sides so now he can write on them too.

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