LornaLove Chalk board

LornaLove chalk board

Want to make a chalk board? This is so easy!

I had this old framed mirror, which I got as a bargain from Trademe and decided to make it into a chalk board for my kitchen.   You can make this from any frame/mirror and I challenge you to find a bargain from trade me too ;o)  The photo doesn’t show the colour correctly as it is actually a NEON MAGENTA (so love this colour right now!), rather than a red as it appears (so not in love with red right now). My idea was inspired from some frames I saw on Etsy here.

You can use the chalk board to write messages, lists, notes, doodling….what ever the heck you desire!

To make chalk board you will need:

  • A frame or mirror
  • Paint primer
  • Black chalk board paint (I used Red Enz brand (250ml) from Mitre 10)
  • Paint in your choice of colour (I used Derivan non toxic acrylic in fluro magenta from Spotlight)
  • Brushes
  • Newspaper or similar for protecting your bench surface
  • Chalk

Instructions on how to make the chalk board:

  • The frame was originally metal, so the first step was to paint it white with a primer (you can buy small pots of this). I would have removed the mirror from the frame to do this, as I suggest you do, however the frame was so old that the screws were rusted and I didn’t want to risk not being able to put it back together! So I carefully painted on the primer trying to avoid the mirror. You don’t need to worry too much however, as you will be painting the mirror (or board if it’s a normal frame) with the black chalkboard paint.
  • Paint one coat of primer, let it dry and paint another coat.

Here is the frame with two coats of primer on. I think it looks lovely white and part of me wishes I had left it white now! Good thing is….I can always re-paint it.

  • Paint your colour on. I chose to use paint rather than spray paint because there were so many ‘nooks and crannies‘ to the frame. Painting tends to leave brush marks, but they weren’t very obvious in the end. My  paint was quite translucent, so I did 4 coats. You want to paint enough coats until the colour isn’t ‘patchy’ anymore (unless you want that effect). Let each coat dry in between.

First coat of colour in progress.

  • Paint two coats of primer on the mirror, trying to avoid getting any on the frame.
  • Give your chalk board paint a good shake for a few minutes to mix it up (with lid on tightly, obviously!).
  • Paint the chalk board paint on and try to avoid getting any on the frame.
  • Do one coat, let it dry, and paint one more coat.

There you go!

If I have inspired you to make a chalk board, I’d love to hear how it went and see a photo of your outcome! xx

Here is the chalk board in my kitchen. I really think it looks too red now and will probably re-paint it, ha!


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